Child's Play

Author Kia Abdullah's Child's Play

"Brave and intriguing... showcases a vivid imagination and flair for suspense."
- Thomas Perry, NY Times Bestselling Author

Allegra Ashe has an adoring boyfriend, a loving family and thriving career, but a disturbing job offer from an alluring stranger threatens to shatter her seemingly perfect life. She becomes embroiled with Vokoban, a covert government unit that tests the limits of the law in trying to catch society's worst offenders. Allegra's life spirals out of control and we find ourselves voyeurs in a perverse world of lust, danger, deceit and revenge. A tale of twisted sexuality, Child's Play places a microscope into the darkest recesses of the human mind and dares the reader to take a look.

Revenge Ink, 2009 | Amazon UK  Goodreads  Sample PDF

Life, Love & Assimilation

Author Kia Abdullah's debut novel

"Gritty and unabashed... the real version of what happens on the streets."
- Asiana Magazine

A raw and unpretentious account of the battles faced by a modern British-Asian woman caught between two cultures, two minds and two hearts. Our protagonist tackles her brother's drug addiction, her mother's constant disapproval and her patriarchal culture with fight, zest and humour, and makes no apologies for her strong opinions. We watch as her roots lead to her ruin and, ultimately, to her redemption.

Adlibbed, 2006 | Goodreads