2006 will be a GOOD year

That was my mantra at the beginning of this year. 2005 had been so inconsequential; it seemed that the whole year could be cut out of my life and still leave me in the same place and same position so I was determined to get things done in 2006. Turns out it became a crazy, messy year with sweeping highs and equal lows but here I am, intact and content. 

The lows included stuff that most of you already know about. The highs included holding my debut novel in my hands for the first time (which was amazing), travelling (which I love) and gaining my independence.

Overall, it has been a good year. Or, at the very least, a year for new things. Along with getting my novel published, I managed to avoid the dentist for another year (I do have pretty teeth though, honest), I learnt to cook (sort of) and one of my best friend’s got engaged. I discovered Outlandish, improved my navigation skills (but only marginally) and received hate mail for the first time (but some fan mail too :). I pierced my ears and let the holes close again as a small act of rebellion against the Asian Woman Extraordinaire that everyone was trying to mould me into. But most importantly, I questioned myself and my decisions. I asked myself how I could write a book judging a character too cowardly to stand up for herself and yet indulge in the same cowardice. I questioned how I could write about becoming a “tall woman” and yet bow to the expectations of everyone around me, spurning my own in the process. And finally, I decided to make myself happy. Yes, it was selfish and yes, it broke a few hearts but here I am: intact and content. 

2007 will be a BETTER year.

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