Books v. bangles

A quick slap on the wrist to start the day since I am spending way too much money on unnecessary things (but are books really unnecessary?). I was hanging around in Borders yesterday (bookshops are almost my most favourite place in the world to be) waiting for a friend before dinner and I have to say the simple “3 for 2” idea is pure genius because people like me simply can’t walk out without buying some books.

I bought Two Lives by Vikram Seth, We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver and The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini (and I still haven’t got through the last triplet of Never Let Me Go, The Time Traveller’s Wife and The Historian). I actually already have a copy of The Kite Runner. I won’t go into my reasons for buying a second copy right now. What I will say is that is is a fantastic book and highly recommended.

Anyway, that’s all preamble to the real point: buying stuff I want versus buying stuff I need. Usually I’m perfectly happy to fritter my money away on books and CDs but right now, I have an ever-growing list of things to buy for “The Wedding”; stuff like a ton of shalwar kameezes and sarees and bangles and makeup and *yawn* jewellery and *yawn* hairclips, etc etc etc. And I’m one of those strange girls that dislike shopping (I’m serious, I must have some sort of hybrid (X), (½ X, ½ Y) chromosome setup) so I have just bought 20 shalwar kameezes online from Rupali in one fell swoop (I hope they fit).

And while we’re on the subject of being all girly, my Princess Diaries transformation isn’t going so well. We went to the “Spider Park” in Stepney Green last Sunday and whilst three of my sisters sat on the bench and chatted, I climbed the spider frame all the way to the top and ran around and played “It” with my nieces and nephew. Hardly “elegant” behaviour. Oh well, there’s plenty of time for that after marriage.

So anyway, yes, I have to stop gravitating towards bookshops and start gravitating towards Asian clothes shops. I have a few months but for a girl who hardly has any girly stuff, it’s all tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

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