My joy about Schumacher equalising with Alonso came to a bitter end yesterday when he retired from the Japanese F1 race. Usually when I’m set to watch a second broadcast of a race (the first being before dawn) I avoid the news so I can watch the race without knowing its outcome. This time however I knew the outcome of the race so I didn’t watch it as I couldn’t bear to sit through the excruciating moments of Schumacher’s championship go up in smoke.

He seems to have put aside his win-at-all-costs philosophy and accepted the fact that Alonso will win the championship. It is gutting because Schumacher is a sporting legend. Yes I know at times he has acted in an unsportsmanlike manner but no one can deny that he is a fantastic driver and truly great at what he does. He is a legend and this is no way for a legend to exit the game. It is unfair.

Ok, I’m done. For now.

PS. Fat lady. Not singing.

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