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Since starting this blog almost two years ago, I’ve been asked many a time to enable comments. I have chosen not to for a number of reasons: 

  1. My entries are generally random musings and not really intended to draw feedback or comment (i.e. criticism!).
  2. I don’t really have time to reply to comments (i.e. criticism) but generally have to have the last word so I don’t think I could resist doing so (hence allowing precious time to be eaten up).
  3. I’m a little scared that no-one will comment, exposing the fact that no-one reads the blog (even though I know it is read judging by the numbers recorded by statcounter).

Those reasons still stand but I think it’s finally time to bite the bullet. I hate enforcing the moderation facility – I know it can be frustrating when a comment you make isn’t posted immediately – but I’m afraid it’s a necessary evil. You see, I get hate mail from time to time and I don’t want to give these people a forum to propagate their vitriol. 

In fact, I looked through some of my hate mail (call me a masochist but, yes, I keep it) and some of the choice words used to describe me are as follows: deceitful, artificial, bitch, stupid bitch, sick bitch, dirty bitch, dumb little spoilt bitch, lifeless bitch, little white wannabe, desperate, slag, whore, mentally ill, self-obsessed, dirty little maggieeeeeeeeeee (anyone want to educate me as to the definition of ‘maggieeeeeeeeeee’?). Yes, I can be a bit of a bitch but y’know, the rest is just unnecessary.

So, yes, comments have been enabled and will be moderated before being posted. Feel free to comment and/or criticise – as long as you refrain from using expletives and text speak, there will be no problem posting your comment. Plus commenting will make me feel better about point three mentioned above (and may prevent me from resorting to posting comments myself under ‘Anonymous’… though of course I wouldn’t stoop that low… *cough*).

6 thoughts on “// No comment”

  1. Thanks for doing this, as a long time lurker, it’s nice to now comment on your thoughtful and often funny posts. I promise, no death threats!

  2. As another long time lurker who doesn’t know you otherwise, you and your blog sucks.

    Although I have to admit that the slash-stars above are a stroke of genius.

  3. Hi Kia, as a long-time lurker … what? oh sorry yeah… As someone who does know you in real life can I just say thanks, it’s much handier having this facility than having to mail the death threats in. As for the insults – blimey, what has happened to the standard of insulting in this country? I mean “maggieeeeeeeeeee” is at least original. Are they comparing you with Mrs Thatcher perhaps? … hmmm, doesn’t really work for me.

    Anyway, nice one, keep it up,


    A. Lurker

  4. Josh> Thanks. Though ‘long time lurker’ makes it sound like you don’t know me in ‘real’ life…

    Shak> Why is everyone pretending they don’t know me?

    Adam> Adam? Adam Richmond? Surely not! He can’t post anything directed at me without using cutting criticism, a sarky comment, a supercilious remark, or launching a debilitating attack…

  5. The hate mail will make you stronger, but don’t take it to heart, because a lot of them don’t are just jealous of you and don’t like to see one of their women do something with her life.


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