All the fair men

As many of you know, I’m getting married soon and am therefore officially “off the market”. A friend recently commented: “It’s great you’ve got a ring on your finger. I bet there’s no better way of deterring the perverts, lechers and freaks than with a wedding ring.” I agreed with laughter but you know what? I think I owe something to the guys that have approached me in the past.

I want to divide this group of guys into two though. Group B contains the greased up, dumbed down, non-entities that yell from cars, gape lecherously in train carriages or make kissing sounds as you walk by. Group A contains the guys that glance at you shyly, smile at you honestly or approach you sometimes respectfully and sometimes cheekily. And no, Group B does not consist of only unattractive guys and Group A does not consist of only attractive guys.

To my Group A guys, I want to say thanks for flattering me. I don’t think I was ever rude or dismissive (if anything, my friends accuse me of being too soft hence getting repeat offenders) but if I was, then I’m very sorry.

To Group A guys in general, I want to say well done. Yeah, there you go. Girls without wedding rings will hate me for encouraging you but you know what? They are flattered and it is brave of you. If you see a girl you like, go on ahead and approach her. She may be rude and dismissive but at least you did something about it. Maybe some time down the line she’ll realise that you were brave for doing so and that you deserve some credit for it.

Just check for a ring first.

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